Packing Up and Moving Out

Hello, my dear readers! I have some exciting news to share with you today!

I’ve been mentioning for many, many months that a new site is in the works.

Guess what…

Today is the day! I just can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce you to my new site! The design still has some tweeking to do, but this home of Smithspirations is about to be vacated. It’s moving day!

Please join me over at to read more! I have something special planned for you all come Monday…

The normalcy of extended breastfeeding


I’m so thankful for all of the comments I’ve received with the extended breastfeeding posts! We’ve had a little introduction, a brief look at the benefits, and a fun look at the challenges. Today I want to share my personal experiences with you.

Knowing that extended breastfeeding has great benefits and offers some unique challenges in mothering is great, but if the whole concept doesn’t seem like something that normal people do, then someone can walk away from this short series with no intentions of giving it any more thought. I hope that by sharing my first-hand experience, and that of others, I might convince some of you to consider extended breastfeeding for your family. Continue reading

The challenges of extended breastfeeding


While I am an enthusiastic supporter of nursing little ones past their first birthday, I’d be crazy to say that there aren’t some interesting challenges that go along with it. I sincerely believe that working through and with the challenges it totally worth it; and in many cases, these challenges don’t need to equate weaning. But the challenges are real, and I think it is helpful to be real about them, deal with them, and laugh about them when possible.  Continue reading

The Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding


She’s at it again. Our little Miss H, the “babester” is happily nursing away as we start to think about unwinding for the night. Miss H isn’t a little infant swaddled up, though. As I mentioned in the last post, she’s a busy toddler who is still benefiting from breastfeeding.

While no one disputes the many benefits that breastfeeding offers to infants, many in our society are unaware that older babies and toddlers also are aided through continued breastfeeding. Knowing about the positives to extended breastfeeding is a real boost of confidence for a mom who gets more negative responses when others find out she’s still nursing her walking child!  Continue reading

The Case for Extended Breastfeeding


As I start to unwind for the night and try to get my little Baby H to sleep, I realized that part of our bedtime routine is rather uncommon for many families in American culture. Baby H, at almost 16 months old, is not quite a baby anymore. She’s an active toddler, into everything, and needing lots of love, interaction, and redirection during the day. Throughout the day and especially at night when she’s tired and ready for bed, she also still loves to nurse.

Are you familiar with extended breastfeeding? Continue reading

Unconventional exercise

Exercise trampoline

While I love natural health and nutrition, I tend to really struggle with getting in formal exercise. In the summer when I’m working in the yard and garden, I get quite a workout, but when the weather is bad and I’m shut up inside, I am so unsuccessful at making time to exercise. We have a treadmill, exercise ball, and exercise trampoline. Sadly, I rarely visit any of them.

But a couple of weeks ago while trying to figure out how I could fit in some sort of fitness routine into my day, I was struck with a great idea, and while it may not be ideal or doable for everyone, I’m excited to share it with you anyhow! Continue reading

The trap of comparison


Image source

How does she do it all?

I’m so glad that my children don’t act like that.

Wow, her house is amazing!

How can they allow that in their home?

I’m clearly not as patient/kind/loving/pretty/thin/stylish/name-that-admirable-trait as that mom is.

How do they afford those vehicles?

Hmm. She *fill in the blank with a super-mom skill*. Maybe I should do that, too.

It must be nice to be able to afford a mother’s helper at home!

And on and on and on it goes. Have you been there? I have. Are you there right now? Don’t worry, I just might be, too. Continue reading